Windows & Doors


We all want to ensure that our property is as attractive as possible from the curb, while still being able to stand up to Mother Nature?s worst. If your windows are old or damaged, talk to the pros Residential Upgrades we can help. We offer impact windows that will protect and beautify your home or business. Hurricane impact windows offer the ultimate protection from both the weather and intruders. Residential Upgrades selects only the best impact products which comply with the most stringent testing requirements in the country.


Doors are the gateway into and out of your home. They endure a lot of wear and tear since they?re constantly being opened and closed. After a number of years, your doors will probably start to look worn and show signs of failing, including draftiness and sticking. While you can certainly repair your door, there will come a time when that?s no longer an option. In this case, you need to upgrade to a quality product that not only provides beauty, but also is designed to withstand the worst storm. Residential Upgrades can help you select a quality impact door that fulfills all your requirements.

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