At Residential Upgrades, you are The Boss, the Big Kahuna, the Person In Charge. We believe that your project should be started, worked on and finished according to your desires and specifications, all the way from beginning to end. Your project, your budget and your expectations are very important to us, and we work hard to ensure that we meet each one according to the way that you want it. Our professional installation crew is trained and dedicated to making absolutely certain that you get exactly what you’re hoping for out of the installation process, aesthetically, and financially.

From a beautiful new flooring or fixture, to an entirely new decor, if we make the commitment you can be certain that we’ll accomplish it. Residential Upgrades has spent years building a relationship with the Tampa Bay area by providing excellent service and never disappointing our customers. The very last thing that we want to do is waste your time or your money. Your schedule and your budget aren’t just suggestions to us, they’re our top priorities.?The finished product that you envision at the end of the installation process is our ultimate goal. Whatever it takes to make sure that this goal is accomplished, Residential Upgrades is willing to do. From ripping out old furniture, fixtures and flooring to installing the new ones, and everything in between.

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